Monday, July 21, 2008

Role Reversal

Unfortunately, Wes is starting work tomorrow(Monday) on his new shift.....the morning show!! AARRGGHH!! The good thing is, he's only working part time, so he'll be home around the time I would wake up. We'll still have weekends off together, except he'll probably be working overnights on Fridays. It works well with his school schedule, which should be determined this week. He has been accepted to MSU, but has to take a few classes at MCC first. (Yeah, cheaper!!)
Went to church with Mom & Dad this morning. More than half of the faces have changed. Wes and I have been thinking about visiting Northcrest. They have more folks our age. We may go there this weekend.
After church, Dad & Wes installed our new sink. The pedestal sink turned out to be harder than you would think, so they took it back and got one with a wooden base. I thought it might be too big looking at it in the store, but it turns out to be just right. It looks great! The old sink was real low and shallow. Your knuckles would hit when you washed your hands. Our next task is replacing the locks and deadbolts. I should say Wes' and Dad's task. My task is still attempting to get rid of boxes. I did good this weekend I think. I cleaned out the laundry room and put all that stuff in there (and out of the living room floor and garage). The "office" is beginning to look like one. There's only about 5 or 6 boxes left to go through. Not as many as I thought, now that I'm looking at it. My dead computer is sitting here, looking pitiful and dusty. I don't know what we'll do with it. The living room closet still needs work. The bathrooms are basically done. I have three boxes of Avon stuff that I have accumulated over the years that still needs a home. The back bedroom now holds most of the boxes labeled "frames," which will probably be the last ones to go. We have an ever-growing pile of "donate" things to take somewhere. We took a trip to the dump today and unloaded about 50 empty boxes, and the trash from the laundry room and sink.
Tonight, we went to Quitman and ate dinner with Wes' parents. They have redone their yard and are installing a sprinkler system. It looks really nice.
Tomorrow, my goal is to wake up when Wes gets home and finish the office. We'll see what happens..... Haven't taken any pics yet.

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