Monday, June 30, 2008

Things I'll miss about Charleston:

--Running the Bridge
--Watching the boats from the bridge on a cool breezy day
--Living next to Pete & Kelly
--Me and my camera downtown on an unseasonably warm winter day with no tourists
--Waterfront Park
--Secretly enjoying being asked to take a picture for a vacationing couple
--Harve Jacobs and Bill Burr
--Fresh, locally caught seafood at local restaurants, like Gilligan's
--Qdoba & Mama Fu's

Things I WON'T miss about Charleston:

--Confusing interstates
--County lines that were drawn by 3 year olds.
--Hurricane Craziness
--BREAKING NEWS: The Mayor has the hiccups!!
--Alarm clocks at 2am
--Going to sleep at 6pm
--Chipper, overexcited rookie reporters at 5am
--Living in the 7th most dangerous city in the US
--Ridiculous franchise packages
--the 10 hour drive home

1 comment:

wes said...

I'll miss walking around downtown and being able to feel like we were on "vacation" while staying at home.

I WON'T miss the people trying to sell timeshares to people walking around downtown (are you two married?)!!!!!!