Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why I don't like Salt Lake City, UT... Friday

Friday, we woke up early and went to Seattle. The drive was beautiful. Along the way, we saw a few ski lifts without snow and some windfarms. We stopped at an overlook next to the Columbia River Gorge. We took some nice pictures there of the river and mountains. Along the way, the hills went from lush and green, to barren and dessert-like, then back to green again, but with snow on their peaks. It was weird to see snow in June. Adam said the last snow they saw was on June 8th.

Thought this was a neat picture. When we got to Seattle, we went to the Space Needle. There were some great views of downtown, several lakes and the Puget Sound. You could also see Mt. Ranier in the background. Right next to the Needle was KOMO4 News (ABC). From the top we could see the NBC station (KING5). Both had Helicopters on their roofs. (Nerd)

The large white and black structures here are the Seattle Mariners and Seahawks stadiums. Mt. Ranier is in the background. We went to the public market at Pike Place, but it was already closed(next post). We did stop by the original Starbucks. It's the only one that uses the original logo. There were more people in there taking pictures than buying coffee. We bought a coffee mug. We had dinner at the "crab pot," a cool restaurant near the market that had some great crab legs!

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