Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fort Marshall...FOR YOU MOM!!!

On Tuesday(my BIRTHDAY!), we (obviously) slept in. Wes & I both slept for nearly 14 hours. We went downtown and walked around a while. It was hot! We bought some pralines and then went to Barbara Jean's for my "birthday dinner." They have great crab cakes!!!

As we were coming home, we ran across two Army Wives shoots. One was at the Longshoreman's Association building. There were production trailers out there. We didn't take any pictures because it was on a busy road and there really wasn't anything picture-worthy. We took a short-cut through the old Navy Base and saw another AW sign. We followed them and came upon the "entrance" to "Fort Marshall," the fictional Army post. It was set up on an old entrance ramp to the base. All of this is plywood and paint.

This is the back side of the gate. Notice the wood beams holding them up. The security post in the middle is temporary also. There were cones everywhere and sprinklers watering the grass. It seemed as if it was just built.

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