Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Army Wives Season 2 Premiere

Okay, so I cried through half the episode! The only thing I didn't like is there was a lot of filler (review of the characters, bumps, etc) and the episode was much shorter than usual. So I won't spoil anyone's anticipation, I won't say who died, but I will say that I should have guessed it.

On to the guest appearances of my co-workers... The first reporter who asks "Can you confirm the number of casaulties?," is Marika Kelderman, one of our reporters. (Dark hair) The second female reporter is Erin Colgan. (Blond)
Also, when the actors are watching the news, the male anchor that you see and hear is Bill Sharpe, our main anchor. His voice is used many times throughout the show. There's another female anchor's voice used once or twice. That's Carolyn Murray, an anchor at Wes' station.

I also noticed that the girl that played Emmalin from last season is replaced by someone else. (IMDB)

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