Monday, June 9, 2008

Charleston Family Weekend-FRIDAY--PART 1

On Friday we visited Fort Sumter and Patriots Point. It was WAY HOT! (Thank God for Bullfrog Sunscreen!!) Other than a few pink noses, no one got seriously sun burnt. Fort Sumter was first. Here's some pics...
Dad and I were comparing lenses... He won!

From the boat, we could see the Morris Island Lighthouse in the distance. It's slightly crooked and in water because the Island has eroded.

After we got back from Fort Sumter, we went down the road to Jack's Cosmic Dogs. We wanted to eat first and enjoy some air-conditioning before the Yorktown. Guess what!! There was NO air-conditioning!! It was hotter inside than it was outside! We sat outside on the porch of the restaurant. Good hot dogs though. We went back to Patriots Point and went through the Yorktown. We didn't have time to go through the other boats (Submarine, Coast Guard ship & the Destroyer). Wes and I may go back later.
Believe it or not... This is the Dentist Chair on board! OUCH!!!

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