Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why I don't like Salt Lake City, UT... Wednesday

First off, let me say that we did have a great time on our trip. Hopefully, my mood I was in the moment I started writing this doesn't reflect negatively. Washington was beautiful and we enjoyed spending time with Adam & Becca. I started writing a draft during our 18th hour of being stranded in Salt Lake City's airport. Much more on that later. Anyway, here's a rundown of our trip. (Do I seem a bit too organized with this? It's like I'm writing a term paper for school or something!) Sorry it took me several days to post this. I'm sure you were on the edge of your seat! :)


Everything started out great. We managed to make all our flights easily. After Adam & Becca picked us up, we drove downtown to get some food. We walked around "Riverfront Park," and then went to a few beautifully landscaped flower gardens. (I wonder how many "Riverfront" and "Waterfront" parks there are in the US?) Spokane is really pretty. We noticed (especially stepping off the plane coming back) how NOT humid it is. It was breezy and cool the whole time. We got a little sunburned and didn't even notice. Adam & Becca's house is really nice. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures. I wish we did. They have a 4 bedroom split level in a new neighborhood near a golf course. Their dog, Maggie was all over us when we got there. We had dinner at home.
Japanese Garden
Downtown Spokane.
This is the Spokane River. It's "raging" now because of snow melt. They say it's usually a trickle. There were several bridges over it and a gondola thing you could ride over the rapids and under one of the bridges. Washington is the "green state." It was obvious that their goal was to conserve and recycle. It was very clean and well-maintained.

Near the mall where we ate, we saw these cool metal statues. Apparently, there is a popular race there every year (like the bridge run here). I thought they were quite humorous....

Flower Gardens-Makes for some nice pics.

Evergreen Trees

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