Monday, June 9, 2008

Charleston Family Weekend - Sunday-Pt 1


Wes had to work on Sunday and Pete & Kelly didn't want to go to the bridge so it was just Mom, Dad & I. We parked at Wes' station and walked up to the diamonds (little over a mile 1 way). Going up was nice because the breeze was blowing in our faces. Going down was really hot because we were walking with the wind at our backs... VERY HOT! But worth it.

After the bridge, we ate at the East Bay Deli and then made our way to the Battery. We walked the Battery and then walked up King Street to Broad Street, and then back down East Bay to the car. Again, it was hot.

This last picture is of the house that we are going to purchase together. This house is a few blocks from the battery up King Street. Here's the listing. We decided that each family would live on a floor and we would split the cost. We guessed how much it would be, but we were a bit under. I think it will take a few more folks pitching in to pull this off! Doesn't my car look great in front of it!?! I think it'll do nicely! DIBBS ON THE THIRD FLOOR!!

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