Monday, June 16, 2008

It's about that time!!

Yeah! Vacation is here! We are leaving on Wednesday morning! Ricky is working this morning. He's "refreshing" today so he can work for me while I'm gone. This means that I am doing NOTHING! It's nice. I'm a bit bored though. (It's 6:06 am) We have to shoot the Fire anniversary show at 9am. (the anniversary is Wednesday)

I'll be spending my birthday at home with Wes. :) At least we won't be in the airport all day. I'm taking the day without pay. Wes and I will probably re-visit Patriots Point. We also want to buy a sweet grass basket before we move.

We've already begun packing for our move (I'm physically & mentally unable to procrastinate. I'll have an anxiety attack.) The office is almost packed up. About 80% of the kitchen is done. All that's left is the old plates, plastic cups and pots/pans. We have realized that we are unable to pull out the drawers in our new bedroom furniture, so now we have to unload every drawer in order to move them. I've already started doing that.
We haven't decided what we are going to do about the cars yet. Dad wants us to bring his boat back with us. We will either pull the car with the moving truck and I'll drive Wes's truck pulling the boat, or Wes will fly back and drive the truck & boat home. Either way, it'll be expensive and I'll be in a vehicle with Phoebe and the fish. Moving with fish is difficult. Last time, I drove my car with the big cooler in the back seat. The fish need oxygenated water, so we put an air stone in there. I had to leave my car running on the battery each time we stopped to keep the water oxygenated. We aren't going to keep our Oscar because it will be very difficult to move him. He can't be in the same tank with the other fish because he'll eat them. We are probably going to give him back to the fish store. When we move in, we are going to use the bigger tank and store the other one. We may get another one later.

Phoebe will also be in the car with me, along with her portable litterbox and a bowl of food and water. She wasn't too happy about being in the car for seven hours on our last move, but she survived. She rotated between the back window and my lap and for a few hours, then she slept on my shoulders between my neck and the seat. I couldn't move my back or she would fall. This means that I couldn't change the CD or reach the air. It was sweet though because her head was on my shoulder.

Pete has been taking a cake decorating class for the past two weeks for work. Here is a picture of his first cake. (They just celebrated their first anniversary.) He said while he was cleaning up, he dropped the lid of a box on it.

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