Friday, June 27, 2008

Tidbits & Chaos!

Like the new look??? I've been wanting to change this for a while. I got creative this morning at work. Tell me what you think!!!

Our apartment is in total chaos!!! It's driving me crazy! I can't stand the mess. Wes cleaned up a little last night. (THANX SWEETIE!!) You can actually walk around now. I just finished taking down the curtains. Wes also broke down the fish tanks too. We took the Oscar back to the fish store yesterday. He won't survive the move. All the other fish are now in the 29 gallon tank with the Biowheels floating. We'll put them in the cooler the day we pack the truck. Wes has also wrapped several pieces of furniture with plastic wrap. We've packed up pretty much all we can do for now. We still have to live here for two more weeks. (TWO WEEKS!) I only have 9 days left of work. There are several morning show folks who have birthdays in June. Today, we went to Senior Tequila's (Mexican Restaurant) for a little lunch. I took a few pics:

Kristy(producer), Sheldon(reporter), Brandon(producer), Ryan(producer)

Bill (AM anchor), Kristy & Sheldon

Ryan & Jenny(producer)

The softball tournament started last weekend. (Double Elimination) I am told that we won the first game, lost the second, won the third and were in the middle of a fourth when the rain came. On Sunday, we'll finish the fourth game and continue, that is, if we win.

Wes and I have also discovered Steve & Barry's. It's a great store. Everything is under $10. EVERYTHING. There's one in Meridian now! :)

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I like the new look!! :)