Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hewitt Clarke's New Book, "Mississippi Blood"

I've been reading Hewitt Clarke's newest book Mississippi Blood. I have read all of his other books as well. He was on the 5pm show last week and when I introduced myself and told him I've read all his books, he told me that the ones on murder and mystery are better sellers than the others. He gave me the impression that this new book was going to be better than the others. Well, I have to be honest. It's pretty hard to follow. I have read about 80 pages and I have to say that I'm a little lost. The story trails off in different directions and there are many, many grammatical errors and misspellings. I was describing it to Wes and I said I felt like I was reading a Junior Higher's term paper. Seriously. Clarke's other books were really good. A bit elementary in his descriptive elements, but the story is interesting. The story in the new book could be interesting, but I just can't follow it. I'm really trying. I still think anyone interested in local history should read it, but take your time.

I added a list of Quarters that I need to complete my sets. Yes, I'm one of those who has been collecting them for the past ten years. This year it will be over. I wonder what they'll look like next year...... Anyway, I've got two sets going. I don't use cash very much so it takes me a while to get them.

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