Friday, December 26, 2008

Photos from Our Christmas Week... Pt. 3

These are from Christmas Day. Wes and I drove over to the house and opened gifts with them. We opened ours to each other on Christmas Eve. Wes got me a new iPod. YEAH! Mom got me a Nike shoe sensor that links to the iPod and tracks my distance, speed and calories and all that. It's pretty cool! I bought Wes a new Bible and his GPS that he's had for several weeks. Wes also got me a foot bath/messager. We've both used it already!!

Dad reading his note... The one that says "The Cabin is booked.... The car is rented... MONTANA, HERE WE COME!!!!" Mom's gift to Dad was a trip to Dad's birthplace, Montana. He started crying!!! You can't tell in this photo, but he is! It was great!!!

Mom showing off her new diamond earrings that Dad gave her.

Dad playing with his camera...
Pete's in-laws bought him this shirt and vest. They told him they didn't care if he never wore it out, they just wanted to see him in a picture. So he put it on, and picked up his bow to compensate! We got several more pics with him wearing it.

Brandon Kidd & Matt McPherson stopped by to see Pete. (Friends from HS)

A sweet Picture of Pete & Kelly.

Mom & I waiting for Dad to get ready.

Another attempt at family pictures. Only this one captured a funny moment. Kelly got a tattoo on her arm of a pistol and it seemed as if she had it pointing at me and Pete said "Don't point a gun at my sister!" It was really funny!! I have know idea what Wes was doing. I think he was stretching... It looks like he's twirling!! :)

Pete can't return to South Carolina without a little Mississippi Mud.......

....and his Kayak.

Wes crashing on the sofa.

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