Friday, December 12, 2008

Prayer & Quick Update...

Please keep Virginia in your prayers. She is in the hospital. She's had uncontrollable shakes and tremors lately and it got a lot worse yesterday morning. They took her to the ER again. The doc's have run several tests and are still unsure of the cause. She hasn't been able to sleep because of whatever's causing her shaking and tremors. Papaw is doing good, just worried about her. She's at Andersons.

Aunt Deb was in the hospital this past week also. She's back at home now and doing better. Please keep her in your prayers also.

The last few days I've been working on Christmas cards and I just finished wrapping gifts. We still have a few more to get. Those hard to buy for folks, ya know!! (ADAM & BECCA!!!!) :)

I ran last night at the gym but it was too hot in there to do very much. I only did 2 1/2. I had a doc's appt this morning. I want to go Friday, but it's 2am and I'm still not in bed... (those darn Christmas cards!....I can't procrastinate....) It's supposed to be nicer this weekend, so hopefully I'll get out on the road then. It was supposed to snow here today, but the "bubble," as Papaw calls it struck again and it went all around us... Not even a flurry.

I have to work on Saturday (yeah) and Wes & I are going to the singing Christmas Tree at Highland BC Sunday night.
I still haven't downloaded the pictures I took over the last few weeks. There's not many. Maybe I'll get to it soon..... I still have to rake the yard!!

Going to bed now....

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