Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lost Season 4: Complete!

I just finished Season 4.... It's kind of odd. You can tell there was stressful times behind the scenes. (Writer's Strike). Watching them back to back, it's obvious they were rushing things into the show and leaving things out. At the beginning of several episodes, I felt like I was missing something... Like I skipped an episode. For some reason, our DVD recorder that's in our living room won't play Disc's 2 and 4. I had to watch them on the computer. They also played in the DVD player in the bedroom. I don't understand. Another thing that was weird... On disc 4, it says "Episodes 12-14." However, there are only two episodes on the DVD. The reason for this is because the controversy over the length of the final episode. (The names of the episodes are "There's no place like home, Part 1 of 2", and Part 2 of 2). The second part is an hour and 20 minutes long. For some reason they are calling the final episode a double episode. It's a bit odd. Why didn't they either split them up or just call it episode 13. I don't know. Anyway. I can't wait til January 21! There will be THREE hours of Lost on TV.... WHEW!!!

Laura is staying with us tomorrow night! She is bringing Nathan and they are going to spend some time with Papaw. Virginia is still in the hospital, but may be moved to a rehab unit this week to gain her strength back. Pete & Kelly should be here sometime in the early morning. They should have left after work today.
We'll be busy this week with everyone here, at least tomorrow. We have the station's Wesley House Christmas Party tomorrow at 11. But if Pete & Kelly are here and awake, we'll probably go to lunch (aahh, the drama of my life...) And we'll probably do something with Laura as well. Wes and I were just talking about how nice it was to NOT have to drive anywhere this year. Having to try to get days off at the same time, taking driving days and then trying to make sure we see everyone. This time we just have to drive a half hour. It's nice!!

I didn't run today. I was thinking I'd be sore from raking, but I'm okay actually. I'm thinking I won't be doing much for the next week and a half.... We'll see....

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