Sunday, December 7, 2008

Random things.....

We joined the church today. We've been planning on it for a while, but then Papaw got sick and we were gone for a few weeks. So we waited for them to be there. Afterwards we dropped Papaw & Virginia off and Mom & Dad were there. We went to Cracker Barrel to eat lunch.

Yesterday morning was probably the coldest race I've done. It was the Jingle Bell Run. But I beat my best time!! 29:14. The Run for Hope was about 40 or so, and windy. But yesterday it was near freezing! I had fun though. I enjoyed running through town. They didn't stop traffic though. They just closed a few roads downtown and put some cones out near Dumont Plaza for the start/finish line. Everywhere else we had to avoid traffic. There were motorcycle cops around, and turn marshalls at each turn, but that's about it. It was pretty nice though. The race was put on by the Meridian Athletic Association, a mediocre equivalent of the Birmingham Track Club. I'm thinking about joining them. Their website really needs some work (notice the registration for the Triathlon... taking place in June 2006!), but at least it will get me involved in something.
Anyway, afterwards, Mom met me up there and we walked around the crafts show, then went to Hudson's and spent a while there.... I bought a digital voice recorder. I've thought about getting one. I always think of things to write about or look into, but I always forget about it when I get to where I can. Now I can record my thoughts and act on them. It was only $15. (Regularly 69.99)

When Mom got home from our venture, she got a Jury summons in the mail... for ME! I've been called to Jury duty the week after next in Clarke County. I haven't lived (or voted) in Clarke County in 4 years. I have to call them tomorrow and tell them that I can't. Hopefully, my not living in the county is enough. (I'm sure it is.) If not, I'll have to upset a couple of folks because I'm supposed to work the morning show the day I have to report to Jury Duty. We'll see. I think it's ironic, for several reasons.....

Our current Christmas plans are to have dinner on Christmas Eve. Pete & Kelly will be here. That's my only day off that week. (I also have to work the next two Saturdays.)

I'm currently watching season 3 of Lost. I got an email yesterday that said Season 4 has been shipped! Yeah!!!

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