Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas! It's 75 Degrees!!!

IT'S TOO HOT!!!!! I should not be 75 degrees on Christmas! It's ridiculous!!! I shouldn't be complaining because it's snowing like crazy in the North! (Having fun Adam & Becca????)

It's been a long two weeks... I've worked six days each week and had several looong days because of bad weather and people calling in sick. Anyway, it's almost over...

We had a little house guest this week. Laura & Nathan came to visit with Papaw this week and stayed with us. He was precious!! He's almost walking. Here's a few pics....

On Friday, Virginia was transferred to Riley's Rehab unit. She's doing much better. She just needs to regain her strength.

Today, we went to Wes' parents for their Christmas. They are leaving tomorrow on a trip and today was their "Santa Clause." Kevin, Kim, McKenzie & Dalton and Kelly & Ava were there. Here's a few pics.....

Ava & Steve eating Cheetos

McKenzie, Kelly, Ava and little Dalton

Becky playing with Ava and Dalton

Drew & Gage playing with their new Wii drum & guitar set.

Dalton opening gifts.

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